Saturday, May 02, 2009

Back in Nottingham

Yes, we came back to Nottingham today, calling in at our other
daughter with the two children, who/whom we hadn't seen for the
past two weeks. The past 2 weeks have flown by, with being so
busy with helping out our London daughter.

Our cats, Miss D and Slayer, were very pleased to see us - both
came very quickly into our house to greet us, and they spent the
evening indoors watching TV with us (catching up on Mad Men
& Taggart, and then watching Britain's Got Talent).

Both of us felt rather odd being back in a larger and rather
empty house - empty of people - though it was nice to relax &
do things at a much slower pace. This is only a temporary state
of affairs however, as late tomorrow afternoon, we'll be joined
by L. and her two little children: Mini and Baby-with-no-name.
I'll be collecting them tomorrow at Northampton Services on the
M1, as I've done before.

Mrs C was very well organised as usual, with creating a menu plan
for the next few days. Today we had jacket potatoes with cottage
cheese (plus a generous helping of cabbage, brocolli and carrots
plus some Australian red wine - the Wine Society's Spicy Red).
Other menu ideas include home-made mushroom burgers, Abel & Cole's
veggie burgers, home-made pizza, spag bolognaise made with Quorn
mince, and then white fish cooked on top of a pile of roasted veg
(in our Remoska). In fact most of our roasting & baking is done in
the Remoska (stews, jacket & chipped spud, bread rolls, toasties,
and cakes, and salmon & tuna fillets)... and we steam-cook all our
other veg.


Blogger Kimber said...'re making me very hungry, Justin.

So no names yet eh? Do you get to provide any input? We're still struggling too!

3:38 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Kimber ... as regards choosing names, it's now basically a choice of two ... waiting for Cutie 2's dad to make a decision, as he's not 100% keen on either of them.

We "googled" popular girls' names for the UK, which gave us a lists of names collected by the National Office of Statistics over several years.

9:21 PM  

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