Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter, everyone.

I hope you're all having fun this Easter weekend.

For a retired bloke like me, it doesn't feel any different to
an ordinary weekday. I'm an agnostic, so I won't be attending
any church services, though I do like listening to religious
music (such as the Bach Passions). The weather is not at all
inviting for an outdoor trip ~ it's cool and wet today, though
it's supposed to be drier today than yesterday.

In fact yesterday, we visited one of our daughters in Nottm
in the morning and then went over to New Walk in Leicester to
see more relatives ~ a young couple who've just had a baby
daughter. I'll put up one or two photos of her on my Flickr
site shortly.

Today, I'll carry on with painting our dining room ~ we've
just bought a slightly darker yellow paint to go on the
remaining 2 walls, so I'll get the first coat of that on today.
Mrs C is meeting up with her friends for coffee this morning,
and no doubt we'll have a go at the Saturday Times crossword
this afternoon (while I'm painting).

As an Easter treat for ourselves, we've booked a table for us
at Cafe Nomad this evening ~ our local veggie restaurant, which
serves high quality food at modest prices ~ you bring your own
wine, if you're a wine drinker. I've said this a few times
before, but I do resent paying out £14 for a £3-4 bottle of
wine at some restaurants, though I do appreciate they have to
make money somehow to stay open.

Yesterday we heard about the high cost of eating basic food in
Paris. People are being charged around £50 for 2 pizzas plus 2 soft
drinks in restaurants ... and a pint of beer is about £7.50!

Is this profiteering, or merely a reflection of how bad our
exchange rate is at present?

So what are you doing this weekend? Anything special?


Blogger Dumdad said...

I'll tell you what I WON'T be doing: paying £50 for 2 pizzas in Paris! That's outrageous but we wouldn't go out to a restaurant like that. We intend to have Japanese tonight; usually we eat at the restaurant but tonight we are going to have takeaway to cut down on the cost of wine and soft drinks. The recession bites...

9:06 AM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

Guess it might have a bit, but not all, to do with exchange rates. Though they've gone crazy just lately. The Euro is comparatively strong, which doesn't make sense when the member EU currencies are weak. Hence if you base your prices in Euro's.......

Hope you had a good meal. From the website it looks good. Though I rarely eat vegetarian, if I happened to be in that area I would be very tempted.

My Easter lunch was a ham salad with a scotch egg thrown in to make it seasonal(?), followed by strawberry trifle. Just had my supper, which was scampi and salad with a few of those curly twirly spicy chips. And I can still taste the spring onions through the glass of lager I've just started on!

Easter Sunday will be the remainder of the ham and salad, with maybe that small tin of salmon from xmas that needs eating up, and the remainder of the trifle. I still have some scampi left in the freezer which looks rather tempting for the basis of the evening meal.

Also looking forward to an Easter Sunday afternoon walk/stroll, especially as the weather looks to be good. I'm expecting a visit from an old friend of mine so it may also depend on what she wants to do. Could easily end up with a pub supper.

So that's my Easter. And it will be back next week to things like the home-made sheperd's pies, cheap chicken portions with veg rice, home-made minced beef stew, etc., and followed by banana 'n' custard, tinned rice pud with a dollop of jam, etc.

11:18 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi, you two. Thanks for commenting.
Kevin: your Easter food sounds very good ~ I'm starting to feel hungry just reading your list.
Our vegetarian meal out was excellent. We were too full to eat a third course, so we treated ourselves to a take-away pudding ... pancakes layered up with pears (soaked in vodka), and smothered with a chocolate sauce... we eat a slice of this lovely pudding later, while watching telly.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

Glad you enjoyed your meal out, and my word - that's definitely my kind of pudding!

Oh, my Easter Sunday afternoon / evening was almost as predicted. We walked up the Bridgewater Canal footpath to the neighbouring village of Worsley.

That walk normally takes around twenty to thirty minutes, but we kept stopping to admire the narrowboats as they went past. In fact I wouldn't rule out the possibility of my buying one of those things when I eventually retire.

Anyway, we visited some mutual friends of ours there, and ended up as a foursome in a little pub eating a 100% beef burger each with salad served in real big traditional Lancashire "barm". Given the 'burgers' where more like 14oz steaks I struggled to eat all of mine!

Great fun though, and very relaxing!

11:14 PM  

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