Friday, March 27, 2009

This week

In the earlier part of this week, I've been busy repainting the walls
and ceiling of our kitchen. I've used the same colour paint (Homebase
Cream Matt emulsion), for speed ... I got away with just putting on
the one coat of paint, instead of having to put on the usual two coats.

We're going for a lighter sunshine yellow in the adjacent dining area.
I've already put on one coat of this (Crown Gentle Yellow) in the
bay window area, but it's going to need 1-2 more coats to cover up the
original darker yellow.

So the painting took up 2-3 days, and I've spent the rest of the week
attending U3A events and doing related paperwork. Today I also went to
meet up with a couple of friends for some "jammin'" ... playing electric
guitars and singing some golden oldies (mainly by His Bobness). One of
my pals brought along his recording desk and mikes, as he'd like to
record our efforts for posterity / a bit of fun, but setting it all up
to work properly was very difficult (he was recording a lot of feed-back
from one of the amps). So next time, we'll have a purely acoustic
session (different guitars and no amplification ~ unplugged).

After a couple of frustrating hours we gave up and set off for one
of the pubs in town ... "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem", which is one of
the places to see for all tourists coming to Nottingham.

Here are a couple of website links ... the lovely photo on the second
website will give you some idea how olde it is. It's situated just
below Nottingham Castle, and it's built into/onto the sandstone cliff

The ales and the spicy veg soup which we supped were excellent, but
with the place being so small and popular, the only spare tables were
in a sandstone cave alongside the main bar. I've passed this pub on
numerous occasions in the past 30+ years, but never ventured inside it,
until today!

The pub was built in 1189 (according to the pub sign), so I've just had
a "Google"/ an ogle to see what was going on in English history at that

Richard the Lionheart came to the throne in 1189, and was succeeded by
his brother John, ten years later.

Now where does the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham fit in with all this?

Is there any truth in the Robin Hood legend, I wonder, or is it all
make-believe (invented by Ye Olde Nottingham Tourist Board)? If Robin did
exist, I wonder if he ever popped in for a quick half at this pub?

I recall visiting an exhibition of medieval relics put on by a Robin
Hood society at Nottingham Castle. I was amazed to see a grubby white
vest inside a glass display case, which was said to have been worn by
Robin Hood.
Well, well! What a find!

On closer inspection, I spotted that the vest had a label on it ...

"Made in Hong Kong".


Anonymous lom said...

looks like a nice place to have a wonder around

7:41 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Yes, LOM, it's very quaint, and has an old cottage feeling to it. The Brewhouse Yard Museum, almost next door, is well worth a visit too ... full of stuff from Victoriana onwards.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

That Robin Hood vest: You cynic! - And you a resident of Nottingham as well! Shame on you! ;)

The problem is was Robin Hood a legend as in a made up story to suit the time, or was he a legend as in a true living person of notoriety. If he was the latter then I'd guess that he probably did have a 'swift half' at some time in that pub. (Well I personally would like to think he did anyway!).

8:48 PM  

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