Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sending text messages

Are there differences between men and women as regards how much they
use their mobile phone, I wonder? And thinking about predictive
texting, are some phones better than others?

I use my “handy” (as the Dutch and Germans call it) very rarely …
only for emergency use, such as when I’ve forgotten which brown sugar
Mrs C requested for baking a cake (so I phone her or send her a text
message) … or when I’ve pre-arranged to stay in touch by mobile phone
with someone.

I tend to contact friends and family by landline phone or by email,
partly because of the fact that our local and national phone calls
are free 24/7 with the Virgin Media contract we’re on. Also I’m
fairly useless at using my mobile (as I haven’t used it enough) … it
takes me 5-10 minutes to send a text message, whereas Mrs C who must
send about 10 texts a day, sends one off in a flash.

In the past, I’ve had the predictive texting switched off on my phone,
as I’ve felt very annoyed having to correct the simple errors it makes.
However, I’m going to give predictive texting another go, now that
I’ve become more au fait with how to correct mistakes, and feel more
familiar with using the phone.

Two-three weeks ago, I read Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”, on Little
Old Me’s blogsite, and on the same day, I heard an interesting
discussion on Radio 4 about the poem.

An academic had had a bit of fun writing out the poem using the
predictive text on his mobile. However when he read it out, I could
hardly recognise the poem. Yes, this is how academics in university
English departments have a bit of fun.

One thing I found out was that the word “If” translates to “He” ~
you didn’t know that amazing fact, now did you?

So the other morning, I thought I’d put my old Nokia phone to the
test. I had a play around with all the options on my phone, as you do,
and found “Predictive texting” … I was offered two more options:
“Normal” and “Word Suggestions”, but when using both options, I
couldn’t find any difference between them (perhaps one of you
could tell me if there is?).

Anyway, I typed away in predictive text the opening four lines of
the poem…

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

I was amazed by the results of my test. Apart from tripping up on
the word, “If”, my Nokia was 100% correct. I was very impressed.

So, I’m left wondering what type of phone the academic used? Are
some phones better than others at predictive texting? And do you
think women send more text messages than men?


Anonymous lom said...

I had to tunr the predictive text off on my phone, it drove me mad.

I don't use me phone much, I don't know where it is half the time.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

From personal experience academics are rarely also practical people, which is probably why he fluffed it up!

Can't stand texting myself, I find it too frustrating. On a PC keyboard I can rattle it out at a fair old speed with six fingers. But to only be able to use one thumb????!!

I always say to friends 'you can text me if you want, but don't expect me to text a reply - I'll phone you back as soon as I can'.

BTW, I don't know where mine is either most of the time - it tends to remind me of its location when it rings when I'm in the shower etc, and can't get to it before it stops ringing. (Oh, and mine actually 'rings' rather than plays silly annoying so-called tunes).

It's also hardly mobile - I rarely take it with me when I go out anywhere.

What makes you think I absolutely hate mobile phones??

11:13 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi LOM and Kevin ~ thanks for commenting. Yes, I agree with both of you. Phoning people up is far quicker, and most folk have answerphones too.

In our family, it tends to be the "youngsters" who use mobile phones (they can't afford to run a landline phone as well, or the latter belongs to the landlady). Anyway they're often out socialising when not at work, so using a mobile phone is more convenient for them.

11:10 PM  

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