Friday, March 20, 2009

Lovely warm sunshine

Yes, we've had warm sunshine for the past 2 days. Lovely Spring
weather. White almond tree blossom. Golden daffodils. All the
birds were twittering (and no doubt a few nerds were twittering

I spent part of this morning food shopping in town, while Mrs C
cooked a chocolate almond cake and also made us some leek and
potato soup .... mmmm.

Later on, after drinking a mug of strong coffee, I painted an old
wooden trellis (which had blown down in a gale a few months ago).
This trellis supports a lovely climbing rose, which I think is
Madame Alfred Carriere. I'll put the trellis and the rose back
into position tomorrow.

Inside the house, I've made a start on redecorating our dining room,
and kitchen, something which I've put off for months. I've had to
patch up some plasterwork, which was damaged by penetrating damp
last Summer.

This little job didn't take me all that long, and hour or two, if
you count clearing away all the indoor plants and clutter, putting
down protective sheeting, etc, etc.. Tomorrow I'll neaten it all up,
and then make a start on painting the ceilings.

For our evening meal, we had part 2 of a bean and veg stew with
green veg, plus a couple of small glasses of Chilean Sauvignon
Blanc. Afterwards, we settled down to watch some TV ... "A Place
in the Sun: Home or California (Santa Barbara looked great, as did
the £1 million homes), and the anarchic comedy "Moving Wallpaper".
We've videoed 2 programmes: "Free Agents" and "Criminal Minds".


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