Monday, February 16, 2009

What we did in the last few days ...

I sold our old Peugeot 306 to a friend of a friend, for a bargain price,
and bought a 5 year old Renault Megane Scenic (Dynamique 120 CDI) from a
member of our extended family (at trade price). 55k miles on the clock.
It looks in mint condition, and it drives beautifully.

It looks like the one in the photo HERE, except that it's got twin sun
-roofs. It's our best car to date (having bought a series of bangers
over the past 40 years).

I hope this will keep us going for another 10 years or so, as we don't
use the car much except for the occasional trips to see family around
the UK, and for UK holidays.

I had a fun time sorting out the car insurance online. With hindsight,
I should have phoned our insurers for the Peugeot and just paid more for
a few months' insurance up to the annual renewal date ~ this would have
saved me a lot of time and stress. "You live and learn".

On Saturday evening, Mrs C and I motored down to Leicester for a St.
Valentine's Day concert with the LSO and some truly brilliant soloists
(singers and a pianist). We had a lovely evening meal put on by relatives
we have there, and then went into town for the concert. It was a fantastic
programme and a fantastic performance.

Yesterday, we went off to the Broadway Cinema to see Woody Allen's latest
film: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" ~ one of his best I think ~ all about the
ups and downs of love, very well written and directed by WA. Gorgeous scenery
of Barcelona and the surrounding countryside. Mrs C wishes to go there as
part of her special birthday celebrations in Summer 2010. Gorgeous actors

Talking about holidays, we off to Lanzarote soon for a week's break, so my
next blog could be around 1 March, unless I get a yen to do some blogging
in an internet cafe there. If the weather's good, I hope to bring back some
fab photos to show you. I'm feeling excited about going there (a bit like how
Noddy felt, when he set off in his car with Big Ears for a seaside holiday).

I was a keen reader as a kid. :)

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous lom said...

enjoy your hoils

6:08 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

So you were at De Monfort Hall for the concert by the Leicester Symphony Orchestra too! Well, well.

I did see someone in the foyer and I thought "That looks like the famous Justin, but it can't be".

9:48 AM  
Blogger justin said...

LOM: thanks for your good wishes
Keith: Yes, I wos there! We had a big family gathering there, and I was hanging around in the foyer waiting for a couple of late arrivals (as I was in charge of ordering everyone's drinks in the interval). I didn't spot you though. Weren't the singers and the pianist fabulous!? I didn't like the choice of poetry (falling in love leads to a life of despair and loneliness! That may be true if it's unrequited love, but I would have chosen something more cheerful for the occasion: "O, my love is like a red, red rose, ....").

11:44 PM  
Blogger Kimber said...

Guess what? My first (and last) ride in a Peugot was in Bath, England! My mother's friend's sister took us for a ride. I still remember the funky pneumatic system it had that made it rise up before we putted off...

AND I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona last week (I try to squeeze in as many Oscar movies as I can before the big night). Gotta say, Penelope Cruz deserved her win.

Have fun on your vacation!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

"I sold our old Peugeot 306 to a friend of a friend". I guess he's an ex-friend now is he?

I just had my old Piggeot MOT'd and serviced. £525! Seems they replaced everything except the windscreen wiper blades.

8:17 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Kimber ~ perhaps your car was a Citroen, as we once owned an old Citroen BX car which had a hydaulic suspension? You had to have an erection before setting off?!
My kids called it as "the old boat".

Keith: £525 - that's the downside of running an older car, n'est-ce pas? The service ends up costing you more than the car's worth. However it's probably greener to keep these old timers going.

12:52 PM  

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