Thursday, February 12, 2009


It snowed yet again quite heavily - just when I thought it was
going to get milder. The roads and pavements are very slippery,
with some cars sliding around going uphill.
I spent half the day, trying out ~ creating a small
website for the charity I work for. It was amazing simple to put
together, and very easy to edit later in the day. So if you wish
to set up a site for an interest group of yours, I can recommend
this service to you.
In the morning, I spent a couple of hours at our Computer Club
(aka Nerds Anonymous) at the U3A. One of my colleages gave a talk
on computer security matters. It was fairly basic stuff, but we
cater for a mixed ability group of people. I had a mug of coffee
straight after this, catching up on a bit of U3A and personal
gossip, with friends.
Mrs C and I had a lovely evening meal at Mrs C's mum's ~ trout
fillet with veg ++. She is a sprightly 88 year old who lives near
us, in a ground floor flat. She's amazingly fit for her age, and
often walks into the City Centre as we do, for shopping and
entertainment. She got an OU degree in History of Art a few years
ago, after 12 years of part-time study... she left school to train
and work as a secretary many years ago.
In the evening, Mrs C and I settled down to watch an episode of
"It's not easy being green", followed by "Hustle" - the last
episode of the current series ~ good light entertainment.


Blogger Keith said...

As Tony Hancock'sJapanese friend would have said in "The Radio Amateur"

"It is snowing here not also in Tokyo!"

We have had lashings of the stuff today. I went into Leicester to try out "The Good Earth" vegetarian restaurant. I'm not normally vegetarian, but the food there was so tasty and fab I made a pig of myself. I never realised just how delicious veggie food could be!

12:33 AM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

I'll have to look further into this as it looks a possible solution I maybe could recommend to small (SME) businesses.

Unfortunately most free or even cheap hosting and template based website services in the past filled your pages with adverts, mostly American, which are always out of tune with the subject matter of your website.

Computer clubs? I've never thought of joining one of those, even though I'd probably be able to make major contributions. An old friend of mine from circa 1990 tried to get me to join the local "Amiga User's" club but I declined when I found out it was all about computer games - "a gross misuse of computers" was what I called it.

I'll bet your colleague's talk gave a lot of people something to think about, and go home and action! (Even if they only gave the home computer a full anti-virus scan!).

BTW, had a lot of sleet here on West side of Manchester which has been a nightmare if it hasn't melted and dried out during the daytime. Guess we've been lucky recently, but oh my goodness - that wind-chill factor!!

12:00 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi, you two. Thanks for your comments.

Thank God, the snow's gone, and life can get back to normal (instead of being stuck indoors):)

As regards, it does have a basic advert-free package which costs about £15 a year ~ not bad compared with what you'd normally pay for a domain name and website hosting.
But then Blogger is free. Yippee!!

6:29 PM  

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