Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our new cat flap

We've had light snow and hail showers today, here in the Midlands.
and the outside is looking pretty with a few cms of fresh snow.

I spent most of today installing yet another cat flap into our rear
garage door, so I've been working with the door open to the elements,
which made the job challenging to say the least. We're going for the
micro-chip cat flap made by Petport. Our cats have been terrorised by
a neighbour's tom cat - a very handsome and huge ginger and white tom
(which I suspect is a relative of ours from its colouring). One of our
cats ended up with some infected bites after a very noisy cat fight
(though it's possible that she was bitten by one of the foxes round
here). The tom cat comes into our house (mainly at night), eats the
cat food, has a good spray around everywhere, and uses the cat tray
as well ~ a well-trained cat :)

A couple of months ago, I fitted a Staywell cat flap in the garage
door, which had several locking options on it, but this tom cat
managed to claw/head-butt its way through the locked doors, in and

Not surprisingly, our cats refuse to use the garage cat flaps to
enter/leave our house, so we've had to let them in & out through our
patio doors.

Last week, we had both our cats chipped (and had their teeth cleaned
as well under GA). The bill for all this came to £315, of which £40
was for the micro-chipping.

During the next few days, Mrs C and I will be having fun and games
training our cats to use the new cat flap. We're keeping our fingers
crossed that the new cat flap will keep the tom outside.

If you click on this link to microchipcatflaps, and wait about half
a minute, a video of James and his cat Biscuit will appear.


Anonymous lom said...

Can't wait to see if it works

5:53 am  
Blogger justin said...

Hi LOM ~ Yes, we're in the process of training our cats to re-use the cat flap, but they're still not happy to use it. We're barricading it at night to make doubly sure that the naughty tomcat doesn't get in.

12:43 am  

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