Monday, January 12, 2009

Heaven on Earth

I had a truly mind-blowing experience last week.

No, I didn't take any special substances or eat some magic
mushrooms. During my time as a campus doctor, I looked after
several students who poisoned themselves eating these - one
of them had severe D&V and stomach cramps, so I keep well
away from any wild mushrooms / toadstools.

I had been given a gift voucher at Xmas for a 30 minute back
massage (plus a short head & neck massage), and so for the first
time in my life, I went for a professional massage.

For those of you who live in or near Nottingham, I can 100%
recommend going to Re-store for this. The premises are small,
but are beautifully fitted out. They are in the middle of a
Georgian shopping lane in Nottingham known as Hurts Yard.

Mrs C and I have given each other back massages from time to
time, using techniques we've picked up from books and videos
on the subject - however I reckon our skills are very amateurish
compared with someone who's been fully trained.

As I've said, this was an out-of-this world experience. I felt
wonderfully pampered, and it was lovely just to lie covered up
in warm towels for a short time after the massage.

I did feel rather spaced-out for the rest of the day - feeling
unusually relaxed and "laid back" about things. Not quite my
usual grumpy self.

Victor Meldrew became Victor Mellowed.


Anonymous lom said...

I used to have a weekly massage, it started off as a head massage, because I too had been given it as a gift, I then went to a head and back, then a full body. It is wonderful, but it got to expensive, and while once in a while is nice regular ones really do sort out your aches and pains. It should be on the NHS!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Kimber said...

Oh Justin, you haven't lived properly if this is your first massage. I agree that a good rubdown can change your whole attitude. I highly recommend making it a part of your monthly routine! Touch is so important and sometimes we don't allow ourselves to get enough of it.

7:43 PM  
Blogger justin said...

LOM: Yes, it would be great if a family doctor could prescribe a few back massages instead of a bottle of happy-pills.
Kimber: yes, it would be great to have one monthly/weekly even ~ Mrs C and I will have to do more practice on each other. I agree with you as regards touch - it's something we Brits don't do a lot of, except with our partners.

7:44 AM  

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