Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More stories about the grandchildren

We look after Little A for a day, about once a week now,
to give her mum a break. It's something we enjoy very much.
(I missed out on a lot of the child care while our girls
were growing up, apart from at weekends and during my
holidays, so it's great to have young children around the

We have one of those funny notices hanging up in our
kitchen, which proudly announces: "Grandchildren are spoilt
in this house!" However, we don't like to go "over the top"
with Little A, just in case she gets used to the idea that
she can have just whatever she likes. It can be difficult
not to spoil the litte 'uns, don't you think?

Anyway, Litte A is used to eating some kind of pudding or
sweet after her main meal (which is around 4pm every day).
So the verbal routine she goes through, is that her mum/dad
ask her if she'd like some yoghurt (etc), to which she replies
"yes" or "no". "No" is her usual answer, unless it's some
form of treat such as chocolate or crisp.

So yesterday, after her meal, Mrs C ran through a list of
several things we had in the house, to which she said: "No".

"I know, Grandma," she said, "chocolate cake!"
"Sorry, A, but I haven't made any"
"I know, Grandma ~ chocolate!"

Mrs C fibbed when she said we hadn't any, but A agreed to
have some yoghurt, followed by some potato nibbles.

Little A has become very adept at changing a CD of nursery
rhymes for another in our CD player, including opening a CD
case (which I find difficult at times), and pressing the
correct button for "play". Her dad's jaw dropped in amazement
when he saw her do this a week or so ago. What an amazing kid.

Her younger cousin Mini, is coming up for her 2nd birthday,
and has learned to say the word: "Absolutely!"

Last week, her mum said to her at her mealtime:
"Aren't you a clever girl, eating all your sweetcorn?"
(one of those mini-corn-on-the-cobs)
"Absoloootely!" said Mini.

Her mum said on the phone to us: "I wonder where she got
that word from?" ... as if she didn't know. :)


I read a joke today, about what it's like to be getting older:

"The future ain't what it used to be."


Blogger Dumdad said...

That joke about age is spot on, absolutely!

3:42 PM  
Blogger Kimber said...

How wonderful that your grandchildren get to hang out with you weekly. I was very lucky - my Baba lived next door to us and my sister and I were very close with her right up until her death at age 96.

My husband's neice stayed with my MIL all last week - quite an experience to have a 9 month old baby in a farmhouse where all the other children are grown! My husband and his brother are quite foolish about babies though and spent a lot of time entertaining her with various antics.

3:32 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Dumdad - thanks for your spot-on comment. :)
Kimber: yes, having young children around is really great ~ makes me feel young again, when I can "act the goat" (ie revert to being a child again myself).
Or to paraphrase that (for any counsellors reading this): "I feel young again ... "

12:34 AM  

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