Monday, January 26, 2009

Last weekend

Last Friday, Mrs C and I motored down the M1 in very cold, wintery
conditions - it was snowing at times - to attend a funeral in East
Finchley in London.

Mrs C's Auntie M had died in her sleep in hospital, the week before
- she was 87.

To our dear Auntie M ... may you rest in peace.

It feels strange to think of how some people seem to peg on and on,
in life, as if you expect them to live for ever. And then, rather
suddenly they're not there any more. Followed by a funeral, a lot
of tears, and then the family home disappears ~ the focal point of
the family disappears... for good.

It seemed to me, when my parents died and when their house was sold,
that it was like a huge chapter in my life had come to an end. I felt
sad and yet at the same time, somewhat relieved that it was all over.

I look back now at the good times we all had together, but occasionally
feel sad that they're not around to share our present lives and our
grandchildren with us.


And talking of grandchildren, we spent the rest of the weekend
celebrating Mini's second birthday, with another big family gathering,
and another yummy chocolate cake - this one made by her mum.

I've put this little photo-montage together of Mini blowing out the
candles, and one of her sitting between Iggy and Sheepy.

(Click to see a larger image)

To end on, here's a little conversation between mother and daughter
(aka Sausage & Cutie-La-La) the other day...

L. called her through to the kitchen encouragingly: "Mini, Mini, come
and see the stars on this (poo) chart ~ there are lots of stars to see.
Mini, Mini, come and have a look!"

Mini, who was drawing a picture at the time, replied: "Sausage too busy!"


Blogger Kimber said...

What a beautiful little girl! Love the nicknames too. How wonderful to have grandchildren so close by. I often pity my father because his only grandson lives in Australia. Hopefully I will help to rectify that situation in May.

I hear what you're saying about loved ones passing, esp. the part about the family home disappearing. When my mother died I was only 23, and my sister and I weren't prepared to handle the responsibility of caring for her 100+ year old house. So we sold it at auction and it was one of the hardest days of my life. Thankfully, the cabin my dad bought when I was 11 and has now retired to is still there for me to "go home" to...but I do miss the old digs on Peel Street where I grew up...

10:58 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks for your comment, Kimber.
I feel very fortunate to have such lovely grandchildren ~ they're great fun to be with.
As regards family homes (my parents moved house from time to time) ~ I only have to look at a photo of one of the houses, for memories of being there with them to come flooding back.

10:41 PM  

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