Sunday, December 07, 2008

We live in a technological age

I'm very impressed with how skilled young people are in using
remote controls and fixing tricky things on computers. Often
more competent than I am. My daughters acquired computer skills
many years before I did, and it was they who showed me the
basics of how to use a PC and the internet.

At the weekend wedding, a couple of youngsters were playing a
sophisticated computer game on a X-Box machine, playing against
each other at how fast they could kill off enemy robots with
gunfire ... the sort of game I'm not very good at, but then, I
suppose, I could improve my skill with a lot of practice.
These two lads were brothers, aged 11 and 6, playing a game
devised for adults. (Good preparation for a future life in
business, don't you think? "Killing off" the opposition.)

Today, our daughter L who lives in London, texted us a funny
story about Little Mini. L had been reading in a book on child
development, about a game where on touching your nose, you (the
adult), stick your tongue out, and when you tug at one of your
ear lobes, you move your tongue to one side, etc. -- it's a
game my dad used to play with me when I was little, and he also
played it with our kids, to everyone's amusement.

Anyway, when L touched her nose and stuck her tongue out at Mini,
Mini touched L's nose and said: "Switch off!"


Anonymous lom said...

I used to play that with my son, 'switch off' it's funny but sad too, a sign of the times

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Maybe the youngsters now are very good with the new technology, but how many are good at the basic skills of life? Cooking, sewing, gardening, decorating and most importantly, social skills and good manners?

In my days as a Scout we learned how to survive in adverse conditions. Just imagine one of todays youngsters being plonked into the middle of Dartmoor in the winter with a knife, box of matches, map and compass; not forgetting his "Playstation" or whatever.

He would DIE!

10:37 AM  
Blogger justin said...

HI LOM and Keith ~ I often wonder myself how youngsters would cope with the basic skills, not including computer ones.
But I often think, how adaptable people are to new situations ~ if the mobile works in the middle of Dartmoor, the youngster would be sending a text message home to Mum/Dad, asking how to boil an egg.
"If there's a will, there's a way".

7:49 PM  

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