Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tweaking my template (yet again)

As you may have noticed, I’ve tinkered with the layout of this
blogsite yet again.

For a long time, I’ve admired the appearance of Wordpress sites,
which is what I’ve been aiming for.

This blogsite is an “Old Blogger” one. I’ve found it easier to
tweak the template of this site than that of a New Blogger site
I set up not long ago.

One thing I don’t like about Blogger is the way it distorts the
clarity of text I add to banner photos ~ I haven’t had this
trouble with other websites I’ve set up (which are not
Blogger-based). Some bloggers have got round this by loading up
a banner photo (without text on the banner), and then adding text
by wrapping it over the photo. Jean has done this with her
blogsite for example. However, for the time being I’ll stick with
my banner, as I don’t mind the text looking slightly roughened.
I started off with the white Minima design a few years ago, by
the way.

So here are a few of the changes I’ve made to my site …

I’ve widened the screen under “Content” from 730 to 760px.
I’ve removed the top blue navbar (see this site for the code)
I've enlarged my banner photo slightly (now 740 x 240px)
I’ve deleted “Recent Posts”, to de-clutter.
I’ve moved my Flickr badge much higher up the side bar, following
Lettuce’s example … I think it looks much better there
I’ve re-arranged my blog-roll, and have put back in Mike’s site
I’ve changed the appearance of my clock (looks more colourful).
I’ve put “powered by Blogger” down in the footnotes

You are very welcome to use any of these ideas (as I’ve borrowed
them from other bloggers anyway).


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