Monday, December 08, 2008

My Flickr sites

I've just been changing round my Flickr sites on this blogsite,
so the Flickr badge you see below (on the right hand side) is my
main one for this site.

You're allowed up to 200 photos free of charge on any one Flickr
site ... I've got three of them on the go at present. The one
you'll see here ....

... had 170 photos on it, but I've pruned them down to about 145.
I've yet to update it from last April (which I'll do in the
next few days). I take about 3000 photos a year, and lob a third
of these, so what you see is only a small selection of my better

My main Flickr site has about 800 photos on it, as I've gone for a
Flickr Pro account. I think this is well worth the annual fee of
about £12.50. I've just renewed my subscription, and have paid up
for the next two years. If you are about to do the same, and live
in the UK, I'd recommend you do this by a Visa credit card rather
than a Mastercard. The latter blocked my payment in dollars ...
and blocked further use of my card, as MC thought the card was
being used fraudulently. It took me 20 minutes on the phone to MC,
and payment of more than 70p for the phone call, to sort this all
out ... bloody annoying.

11.30pm ... I've just selected 75 photos to go onto this
Flickr site,
which I'll have to cut down to about 50 ~ Hells' Bells.


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