Friday, December 12, 2008

Food for thought.

Mrs C and I spent this evening with a couple of good friends
of ours - we had invited them over to our house for drinks
and nibbles.

Earlier in the day, Mrs C baked a lovely chocolate cake (using
ground almonds instead of flour), and later covered it with a
layer of dark chocolate. The cake was divine … I awarded it a
Michelin star.

I'll photograph the remains of this cake, in natural light

Both of us went separately into town this morning, to do some
food shopping for this meal. My trip took in Tesco, the new
Waitrose shop opposite John Lewis, and the central market.
I bought a bottle of one of our favourite red wines (which
is on offer at Tesco at the mo) … Casillero del Diablo’s
Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, which comes all the way from Chile
… gorgeous stuff.

Later on, I made some white bread rolls, some houmous, and
a dip made out of flaked smoked mackerel, low-fat crème fraiche,
chopped dill and a little lemon juice … mmmmm ... all of which
we eat subsequently with salads, various Indian vegetarian
snacks, stuffed vine leaves and green olives. We’ll be eating
up the left-overs tomorrow.

At lunchtime, I listened to "You and Yours" on the radio, in
which there was an item on the huge amount of food we import
into the UK - just think of all the unseasonal fruit and veg
we eat, and kind of take for granted. One of the experts they
had on speaking about all this, thought that one day other
countries might stop supplying us with all this food
(especially as sterling is low in value). Why should
they bother feeding us?


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