Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The annual chore

A chore, an utter bore, or an absolute delight?

What am I referring to? I'm referring to the annual marathon
of sending out Xmas cards to all and sundry.

The person who started this craze ought to be shot.

And who benefits, but the shopkeeper and our good old postal
service, who as are propped up financially by this annual

For me, just thinking about getting to grips with doing the
Xmas cards, is a bit like facing a huge pile of exam scripts
to mark, one of those things you tend to leave until tomorrow
... and then the next day... and the next.

I have developed some expertise in procrastination, as some
of you will have realised by now.

My dad liked this saying from the Faber Book of Aphorisms ...
"If you feel the urge to do something, just sit down and wait
until the urge passes". However, you could end up feeling very

I'm pleased to say that Mrs C and I have "broken the back" of
it for this year.

We've sent nearly half our cards as home-made e-cards. I'll
show you a copy of my photographic efforts a bit nearer to Xmas

Doing just the photo took me a couple of days of fiddling about,
and doing individual emails to everyone on my list took me a
lot longer than scribbling our names on conventional Xmas cards
and envelopes. Mrs C helped me with the design of the

Individual emails? Well, they were all variations on the "Merry
Xmas and Happy New Year" theme, so they weren't very original.

One of my neighbours told me that he and his wife send out 120
cards each year to family, friends and former work colleagues
.... 120 cards! It's a team effort, with one of them signing
their names only on each card, and the other addressing the
envelope and sticking on a stamp. But what is the point of
sending out cards like this?

Do you get a nice warm feeling (a feeling of being loved or
appreciated) when you receive a Xmas card from a friend or
neighbour ~ someone you see at least once a week?

Or do you say to yourself: "Oh, bloody hell! Let's quickly send
one back!"

And what do you think about Xmas newsletters / Round Robins?


Blogger Keith said...

I never send cards out to people I see more or less every day. That's stupid. I send only to friends and relations abroad and those I don't see very often.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Sorry, I sent the wrong page reference. I share that one with John G.

1:45 AM  
Anonymous lom said...

I love sending cards and getting them back, it's lovely, it's christmas, it's only once a year, go on sing a little song as you write them and enjoy

5:56 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Keith and LOM ~ I have mixed feelings about it all. I do think it's good to keep in touch with friends new and old ~ but I somehow find sending Xmas cards a huge burden.

Oh Hell! Windows is shutting me down in 2 mins. for yet another update. Am signing off.

4:10 PM  

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