Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Top of the morning to you!"

What brilliant news ~ Barack Obama has made it to the White House!

What a breath of fresh air for everyone in the US and internationally.

Thank God that war-mongering Bush and his cronies will be vanquished
(for a while anyway). Hopefully Obama’s new administration will pour
money into improving the lot of the less well-off in the US, with
improvements in health care and education, instead of frittering
money away on armaments and useless wars abroad.

The village folk in Ballygurteen in Ireland will no doubt be raising
their glasses and having a knees-up tonight, in honour of their
favourite son, Obama.

A likely ancestor of Obama’s, Fulmoth Donovan, who lived in the
village back in the 1800s, set sail for the US, and spawned a dynasty
which led to the birth of Barack.

Just imagine the boost to the tourist industry in Ireland,
especially when Barack comes over to visit his ancestral home.
Bunting everywhere, villagers waving US flags, and perhaps a brass
band playing to welcome him home. Perhaps a new brand of Guinness
will be made for the Presidential Visit ~ (names for the new brand,

The local priest might be quoted as saying: “To be sure, Fulmoth
was a good Catholic lad. He was sorely missed by his family here
- his mother was in tears when he left home for a better life in

People will flock from all over the place (especially the
Irish Americans) to visit all the famous sites in Ballygurteen,
where Fulmoth hung out, and to kiss the Blarney Stone (to be on
permanent loan from Blarney Castle).

What do you think the brass band will be playing on the Presidential


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