Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bloody freezing

Yes, it's bloody cold outside tonight ~ temps dropping down
to minus 3 in parts of England, which is unusually early.
Brass monkey weather.

We've had our central heating only on for short periods of time
in the past few weeks, partly to save on some dosh (energy
bills have soared up in the past year), and also to do our
bit to save the planet. We've also drastically cut down the
number of car journeys to use less fuel too ~ I think the
general public must be doing the same, as the price of petrol
has dropped (and the oil producers are having to cut production
to force up the price) ~ it all sounds rather daft, but if
this helps to conserve the stuff, & reduce the level of carbon
dioxide, then so much the better.

So here I am, wrapped up in umpteen layers of clothing including
my thick cotton dressing gown (looking like a Dickensian figure),
typing this while also thinking about heating some water soon
for my hot water bottle. My middle name is Ebenezer, by the way.

All I need now to complete the picture, is a dingy white nightcap.
and a pair of fingerless woollen gloves. Oh, and we've started to
have porridge for breakfast ~ well, I was getting bored with
eating toast and marmalade all the time.


Anonymous lom said...

and then came the snow, well it did here in the Black country

1:49 PM  
Blogger justin said...

We only got Jack Frost, LOM.

11:09 PM  

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