Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yes we can !

I was amused to read that the catchphrase "yes we can", used
by Barack Obama back in January in one of his victory speeches,
is the same catchphrase used in the "Bob the Builder" children's
TV series.

I've dug up a few references to all the above, if you wish to
spend a few minutes looking at them .... A, B, and C.

Our granddaughter, Little A (the taller girl above), is very prone
to temper tantrums at breakfast time, if her food and drink isn't
served up fast enough. Her orange juice has to be given to her within
a few seconds of her entering the kitchen ... if not, she starts
screaming, followed by head-butting the ceramic-tiled kitchen floor.

Our other granddaughter, Mini, can be demanding but in a quieter sort
of way. The only temper tantrum she's had so far was outside Costa's
(Coffee Shop) in Wimbledon's Centre Court, when the shop was shut one
morning for technical reasons. She's used to getting a small cup of
frothy milk or a chocolate milkshake, together with some cake or a
cookie there
. She collapsed in a heap and shouted the house down,
she was so cross. She's obviously acquired some posh habits in her
life so far.

Mini could have done with a hot line to Obama ... "Can you fix it?" ...
"Yes we can!"


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