Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo of Chiemsee in the rain

Here is a photo of Chiemsee in the rain. The rain was so bad that
we gave up on a boat trip to the island in the middle of the lake,
(to see one of King Ludwig's castles).

On the way back from Chiemsee we stopped off at one of the best known
cafe's in the area - Cafe Winklstuberl at Fischbachau. The cafe was
heaving with people, so we bought some of their delicious home-made
cakes to take home with us. I sometimes think that "Death by Creamcake"
would be a lovely way to go.

Next up - a series of snaps of Schliersee for you ... the buildings,
shop windows and the lake. We were amazed by the high decorative
quality of all the buildings we saw in Bavaria... Nottingham looked
very drab in comparison when we got back. There are a lot of shops
selling the traditional costume (perhaps for the tourists as well as
the locals). The lederhosen shown here costs E200 (£160)
... lederhosen = hot pants for men


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