Friday, July 11, 2008

Page ranking ... page rank 3 ...... page rank 6 ... page rank 3

Many of you will be aware of what SEO is all about.
SEO? … what’s he on about, you might be asking… search me!

Search engine optimisation is big business. You will be aware
that large companies jostle with each other for a page one
entry on Google (and/or other search engines), as the general
public tends to click on the first entry it sees (rather than
wade through page after page of company adverts).

You can get a Google page ranking for your blogsite or other
website … and it’s free of charge. You can install a Google
toolbar which offers this service if you like, or just look
online for a website that offers it.

I found the above page-ranking site in an article on SEO.
So if you’d like to find out how your blogsite measures up,
just copy & paste your URL into it.

I’ve just done my own site and have compared it with
Scary Duck’s ranking. He’s got a well-deserved high score,
and I was surprised to find that mine is pretty good too.

The nerds at Google have devised a highly sophisticated
and complex way of assessing page ranking, based on
factors such as the quality of the content, and also the
quality & page ranking of the incoming links to a website.

I’ve created a few websites in a very amateurish way.
Two of them are for business use, but both have a page
ranking of only 1, despite the many hours I’ve spent on
trying to improve them. However if you put the relevant
key words into a Google search, both sites do appear on
the first 1-2 pages in Google, so I’m not doing too badly.
Being a tight-fisted git, I don’t wish to pay a lot for

We are already paying out a large amount of dosh to
Yellow Pages, to advertise Mrs C’s counselling work, so
we don’t wish to spend much for online advertising as well.
Currently she’s got enough work with a client base of 15
individuals / couples, so she doesn’t want any more. With
time we’ll probably make the Yellow Pages advert smaller
and smaller, and step up the online advertising … and
see how that works.

Mrs C and I are off to Bavaria tomorrow, staying for a
week at a holiday resort in Schliersee, a lakeside town in
the foothills of the Alps. We stayed there four years ago.
The weather forecast is not very good for the next few days

... there’ll be plenty of rain. So no change for us there,

Must go and pack my inflatable canoe.

Auf wiedersehen.


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9:25 AM  
Blogger angel said...

wow... bavaria! you and mrs c really do get around eh!!?!?

2:51 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel ... yes, we are buzzing about this year.

11:15 PM  

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