Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just tweaking - as usual

I've just spent the last 2-3 hours plus fiddling around with
the code of this template, as I'm fond of doing, and browsing
the internet on how to do tweak it.

I've found a couple of websites which might interest you ...
here and here. From Christine's site I got the HTML code for
"recent posts", which I've put in my side-bar. I had a go with
her login form, but unfortunately it didn't work ... perhaps it's
because I'm using Old/Classic Blogger, which I like as I find
it's more tweakable.

Today, Mrs C and I are off to a family wedding in Oakham, not far
from Rutland Water. I've been invited to take some of the photos,
so I've been busy in the past few days getting ready for it ...
charging the camera batteries and cleaning lenses, etc. I've bought
a shutter release cable for my camera, and am very impressed with
how easy it is to use. The camera is a Canon 350 DSLR with the
standard lens, and I've been doing some practice with Aperture
Priority, ISO and white balance settings. A chap in Jessops
recommended I use some white tissue as a diffuser to soften my
flash, so I've made a couple of white tissue hoods to cover the
flash unit (out of Kleenex tissue) ... hope they don't fly off.

I've asked for other people to take photos as well, as I don't
wish to be solely responsible for the wedding photos, in case
some of mine turn out to be rubbish.

Unfortunately it will be raining for a good part of today, but
hopefully the rain will stop by the time the wedding gets underway
at 4pm.

Our daughter S has joined us for the weekend (and the wedding),
and we'll be taking her back up to Leeds tomorrow, and will spend
the day pottering around Leeds with her (or around the dales nearby).


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