Thursday, June 19, 2008

My rubber glove collection

This may seem bizarre to you, but I've collected four black rubber
gloves for the left hand. I use black gloves for doing the washing up,
instead of what they're made for, for clearing mucky drains and the
like. My hands are not all that big, but they're too large for the
large yellow Marigold type. I have to wear cotton gloves inside them,
as I'm allergic to rubber.

Being allergic to the stuff, it's a good job I'm not into wearing skin-
tight rubber clothes (for outdoor use or for titillation, or to dress
up like Batman).... or I'd be lathering on the skin creams afterwards.

I think the glove manufacturers are on to a good thing ... there'll
always be a market for them, as there is for condoms and for coffins.
I think I must get through a pair of these gloves every month, but
I'm always left with one for the left hand, as I tend to nick the
right hand glove at some stage when washing up, being right-handed.

Perhaps I should be using one of those brushes with a handle on it
for the washing up, rather than one of those sponges with a green
scouring pad on one side ... to distance my Rt hand from sharp

I wonder why the glove manufacturers can't come up with a glove
design where one glove could be worn on either hand ...made with
thick material but flexible enough for ambidextrous use?

Although the gloves shown above don't look all that good, most
have got a few more weeks of life in them, and one of them is brand
new. What a waste to send them off to landfill. Some of you might
be thinking: "What a miserable tight bastard" or "what a t--t", but
there is some logic behind my keeping all these gloves.

One of my daughters visited me today, and when I showed her my glove
collection, her eyes lit up. She's had the same problem, but she's
... yes, you've guessed it ... she's left handed.

The perfect solution.

Postscript: I've been thinking that the gloves have a sinister look
about them ... the Acid Bath Murderer might have used gloves like


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