Saturday, June 07, 2008

Home alone

Mrs C is away at a sex therapy conference this weekend -- I gave her
a lift to Coventry this morning, and dropped her off on the University
of Warwick's campus, where the annual conference is being held. I don't
know what the theme of this year's conference is ...
... well, let's have a quick look at the BASRT site ...
.... mmm ...this looks interesting, especially the comedy on this evening.
One of the comedians is a sex toy expert. Last year's comedienne came on
the stage as a vampire-cum-dominatrix, and told a lot of jokes about
going for counselling.

On the way home I picked up some paint from Homebase, and have spent some
time painting one of the ground-floor rooms (the main counselling room, in
fact). The job is half done, as I'm waiting for some fresh plaster/filler
to dry out, before I paint over it.

I've got our two cats for company, not that they're much company at the
moment ... they came in for some more cat food a short while ago, and
have both gone outside for a bit of catty fun.

It does feel strange ... sorry, I'll own that feeling, just in case any
counsellors/therapists are reading this ... I do feel strange being in
the house on my own.

I don't really feel like watching any telly (though there was a good
footy match on earlier), and I don't feel hungry either ... I've just
been snacking rather than preparing and eating a proper meal for one.
I've no problems making a meal when there's two of us, but I can't be
arsed to make something for myself, other than cooking some pasta
(which I did at lunchtime).

Similarly, I don't feel like going out for the evening, to sit by
myself in a cinema, pub or restaurant, or ringing up a friend and
suggesting we go out for a pint somewhere.

I've been feeling unsettled, so I thought I'd switch on my laptop
laptop and write a few words instead... I'll have some virtual
company instead.

I'm totally out of practise with being on my own & going out in the
evening to meet up with other people. Sad, isn't it?


Anonymous Keith said...

When you have to live alone like me you soon get used to it. People around here are so unfriendly. Too busy tied up in their own little world I suppose.

If I go to the pub in this area, I always sit alone, reading the paper or something. I used to try and engage other people in conversation, but they just didn't want to know.

On Sundays I drive 10 miles to "The Merrie Monk" at Dunton Basset for drinkies and nibbles. Everyone there is so friendly, even John G!

9:48 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Keith - I guess I'd get used to being on my own with time. Although I like my own company, and doing lots of nerdy things on this computer, I do enjoy meeting other people ... especially the friendly folk at my local U3A in Nottingham.
Our U3A has a lot more women than men, and if I were "available", I would be asking some of them out.

10:25 AM  
Blogger angel said...

it is tough to be alone after always being with someone... and its just as hard to get used to having someone around all the time!

4:30 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel ... yes, with someone else around, you have to fart more discretely, or wait until he/she has left the room. :)

Oh, sorry ... women don't fart, do they?

9:49 PM  

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