Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will you still need me ... when I'm 84?

It was one of Mrs C’s counselling supervisors who asked her if one of her
clients was past her “sell-by date”…. a term which I thought was non-PC
for a supervisor to use, at the time. However, since then I started to
think about the elderly people I see wandering around the streets of

Yes .. no … no … hmmm, very attractive 40 year old :) … yes … yes.

So what do I find off-putting / makes me think, “Oh no”.. and what do I
think about myself? And what do you think?

Someone who wear a patterned cardigan, like the old guy in the
Werther’s Original sweets advert … I wear an old fleece jacket at times,
which looks … well, I’ll leave you to finish off that sentence.

Someone using a zimmer frame or a shopping trolley.. I have one of these

Someone who shuffles along as if they could trip over any minute.
(Not me, yet)

Someone who dresses in a very dowdy manner with totally the wrong
sense of colour.

(Mrs C thinks I dress very badly … she and one of my nieces conspired
to get me a make-over on the Susannah and Trinny TV show … S took
some video film footage of me while I was leaning against the kitchen
sink, washing up one day … I was wearing my faded and baggy red
jumper, old trousers and black washing-up gloves (you know the ones
you use for clearing drains?) … and sent it off to the programme

Fortunately, they wrote back to S, saying I wasn’t suitable. Perhaps,
they thought I was a hopeless case , or perhaps they thought: “Hey,
what a cool dude ... leave him as he is”??)

Someone whose hair is badly dyed or cut (mine is greying, and Mrs C
cuts it very well)

Someone with nicotine-stained skin & teeth, .... and faggy breath
(oh, yuck, yuck).

Someone who takes out all their teeth at night (my false ones are still

Someone with the obvious signs of stroke-damage or confusion. (well I’m
not quite ga-ga yet, even though one of my granddaughters says I am).

But thinking about this, it will happen to us all one day … ageing …
... unless we drop off our perch with a heart attack.

We’ll have to adjust our thinking … move the goal-posts a little, don’t you
think, when all our teeth have to come out, or when we become frail?

Will you still need me .... will you still love me … when I’m ga-ga, doubly
incontinent, and fit for the scrap-heap?

Mrs C and I will be in Poland & Prague next week, so I'll blog again soon.


Anonymous LOM said...

What a depressing thought! I am a lot nearer to 50 that 45 and still feel the same as I did years ago, I don’t like all the aches and pains I get now after doing something I could easily manage a few years ago, (I try very hard not to look in mirrors either, because you know that’s not me looking back). I am afraid I am not very good at getting older.

9:03 AM  
Blogger angel said...

ooooh... frightening thoughts dude!
i don't think i want to get old...

6:55 PM  
Blogger justin said...

LOM: I get a bit of a shock when I look closely in the shaving mirror at myself ... all those wrinkles on my (former) lovely face.
Angel: I don't mind getting older, so long as I keep fit and well, as I feel at present. One of our children used to refer to us as the old fossils. She's now in her mid thirties, so she's fast becoming an old fossil herself.

11:17 PM  

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