Sunday, March 02, 2008

We're back from our holibobs ...

Hi everyone, we're back from gloriously sunny Tenerife ... every day was
around 20-21 deg C, though there were a few clouds from time to time, and
a refreshingly cool sea breeze. We stayed at Torviscas Bay which is not
far from Los Cristianos, and went on two tours (coach trips round the
island during our stay) together with lots of walking around the bays.
Our first trip took in Mount Teide (though we didn't climb up it)... I'll
post some of my pics for you in the coming week or two. Teide is surrounded
by an incredible lunar-like landscape, the likes of which I've never seen
before - it's really amazing, and surprisingly barren (apart from the
vegetation you see above, and there's not a lot of that).

On the way back, our pilot told us to expect some refreshing weather in
the UK. Most of the rain had gone by the time we arrived back, but it
was very windy (up to 70mph in parts of the UK), and surprisingly mild
(around 10 C).

Mrs C and I spent yesterday unpacking, food shopping and reading through
the usual pile of mail (plus emails), before our daughter Luce arrived
with Little Mini in the early evening. They're staying with us for the
next few days.

Today was Mother's Day (as everyone in the UK will know), which we spent
with other members of our family ... two more of our daughters, Em and
Beck (plus her hubby and Little Ava), and Mrs C's mum too ... so a lot of
chatting, cooking, washing up, and making cups of tea and coffee.

It's now past 11pm ... I'm the only one still up, and it's very quiet.
Hardly any passing traffic, which is a bit unusual, but I suppose most
sensible people will be in bed by now (sleeping or bonking), rather than
doing a little blogging. At the moment this is my best time of day to
do so, while we've got family staying with us ... how do you all manage
to do any blogging when you've got people to stay with you?


Blogger angel said...

teehee, can't wait for the pictures!
as for blogging with people in the house- i have found that spending my weekends with the glugster has seriously put a crimp in my weekend blogging...

7:01 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel... having family coming to stay with us upsets my routine, especially with having a little todler running around & asking for this and that.

10:16 PM  

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