Sunday, February 03, 2008

The roof that blew away

Scary Duck's latest tale of woe reminds me of a funny true
story ... when the roof of our chicken shed blew off in high
winds ... this was some years ago.

We were living the Good Life with another family, all of us living
in a large 7 bedroomed house on a three acre estate. We had some
free-range hens, duck and geese (just to name some of the livestock
we looked after at the time), which spent their nights inside a couple
of large wooden sheds on the adjacent paddock.

One of our neighbours, a retired bloke who loved looking at all the
animals (farm animals and wild ones) on the paddock, phoned us one
afternoon... "Sorry to tell you this, (Mrs C), but I've just seen the
roof of one of your sheds flying off in an westerly direction!". We all
ran out of the house to see the damage ... and it was true, the roof
was lying 40-50 yards away from the shed. Fortunately the roof was
fairly intact, and we were able to get it quickly repaired ... and
there were no casualties.


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