Sunday, January 27, 2008

Keeping up with your appearance

Hi folks! Mrs C and I got back from a short break in London earlier
today ... we've stayed in S. Wimbledon with our daughter and her fella
to celebrate our granddaughter's 1st birthday. Everything went very
well (including our car travelling ... 320 mile round trip), except
for the fact that little Mini was off-colour with a bad cold &
teething. I took lots of photos as usual, and will put up one or two
of her fairly soon.

Mini's facial appearance has changed slightly in the 4 weeks since we
saw her at Xmas ... in fact she's looking slimmer all over and a bit
taller. Thinking of some photos of me taken when I was under 5 ... I
hardly recognise myself, apart from the masses of curly hair I used to
have ... one schoolfriend (school acquaintance would be a more accurate
description of him) called me "Bird's Nest". Alas, poor Justin, look at
him now.

Thinking of funny things people say about us baldies, I recall one comic
saying his bald friend got for his Xmas pressie a tin of furniture polish
(to enhance the shine on top). One compensation for male pattern baldness
is often a profusion of body hair ... I have to say I've got a generous
amount of it (which appears to please Mrs C. though I realise a lot of
women prefer to see men with a full head of hair and none elsewhere ...
the well waxed look. What do you like?

As regards baldness in women ... I don't usually find this attractive,
though I did think Sinead O'Connor looked sexy in the early days when she
shaved it all off. As for pubic hair (should I be talking about this,
I wonder... would some of you be put off eating your cornflakes reading
this?) ... I prefer the look of it being neatly trimmed, and not bushy /
shaved right off ... the stubble left behind is very prickly don't you
think? It would be like making love to a cactus. Ouch!

How about armpit hair, folks? Left to grow bushy (shagpile) or shaved off?

Thinking about appearances, reminded me of one malapropism that my mum &
dad used to joke about: "I must keep up with my aperients!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hair on men, NOT waxed

No arm pit hair on women


8:59 AM  
Blogger angel said...

teehee... now this was a suprising post coming from you j!
on men, i usually like a bare chest, though some men look good with hair. a bald head doesn't bother me at all.
for women, shaved armpits definitely... as for the bikini area, hhmmm... neatly trimmed or shaved, not bushy.
some women look great with no hair, i have shaved mine off very short before, but i've never been a skinhead- as tempting as it is sometimes!

9:02 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Helen & Angel: thanks for getting in touch. I reckon I don't mind any amount of hair on someone else, provided they don't reek of B.O. (as some tramps do).
Thinking about Sean Connery & Daniel Craig as Bond ... I think they both looked great... hairy & non-hairy.

11:33 AM  

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