Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, Mrs C and I are recovering from a busy week with various
family members staying with us, plus on Saturday, visiting
relatives in Leicester, and then yesterday, taking our youngest
daughter back up to Leeds (with a load of her stuff).

Today, I've wired up our Virgin Media Freeview box to our old
hi-fi system, so we can now get superb quality digital radio
sound ... the only problem will be to hide the cabling somehow..
we'll probably get someone in to put it under the floor-boarding
in due course.

The other minor achievement we did was to hang a lovely painting
done by our niece. It's entitled "Day Breaks Within Me", and it
took the artist 2 years to paint it (as she has a full-time job
looking after her 1 year old son and she composes music too).
The painting looks stunning up on our dining room wall. It's
120cm wide, by the way.

This evening we watched a superb Stephen Poliakoff drama: "Joe's
" with Michael Gambon in one of the lead parts, and I'm
currently videoing "A Girl With A Pearl Earring", which I'd like
to see again.

Mrs C has gone to bed early as she woke up very early this morning
at 4am. Not that she'll sleep all that well right this minute, as
there are fireworks going off around the house as loud as artillery
fire. I'm sitting here on the computer as usual -- blogging away
while there are no "distractions" (like Mrs C talking to me).

New Year's Resolutions?

These are generally a waste of time, aren't they -- but they're fun
to think about, and a good topic of conversation too.

I've made one resolution ... which is to structure my days
a bit more ... to set about doing a household task in the mornings ..
eg putting up a few more shelves in the garage downstairs, putting
back up the roller-blind in the kitchen, and a host of other small
jobs which I've put off doing for yonks. Mrs C was delighted to hear
about this when I told her earlier today.

Now will I get those shelves up .... this week, this coming month or
this coming year?

A good intention, but will I do it?


Blogger Max said...

Hi, Justin. Sounds like you've got yourself a personal video recorder. Please please please don't get in the habit of saying "sky plus it". Promise?

* * Happy New Year, m8 * *

11:52 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Yep, Max, I promise.

11:20 PM  
Blogger angel said...

so how goes it with your plans to do chores and such early?
that painting is quite spectacular! wow!

8:41 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Angel: I get up early ... but tend to just potter around the house for ages, instead of getting on with things.

12:25 AM  

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