Friday, December 21, 2007

Lost and found

Two days ago I turned the house over looking for some Xmas
pressies I'd bought for a few relatives ... the pressies
were HMV tokens for the younger generation (thinking they'd
have some fun choosing some music for themselves, rather
than putting up with my choice). The tokens were inside
four plain envelopes, so in this house it was a bit like
looking for a needle in a haystack. Very frustrating...
especially when looking through a drawer or a bag for the
third time ... just in case.

Eventually Mrs C found them ... she got us thinking about
everything I'd bought from the City Centre that day, and
while she was in our main bedroom she recalled that the
tokens were in the same bag as another pressie - a box of
chocs (Thornton's Continental Selection)... she'd hidden
them away in her wardrobe (something I don't use unless I'm
trying on some of her clothes). This was at about 4pm after
I'd spent most of the day searching for the things... I was
on the point of going out to buy some more. What a relief.

The good side of all this was that my study/den got a well-
needed tidy-up ... the best it's ever had ... it was starting
to look as if a teenager was living in the house, and was
becoming a dumping ground for various things ... empty boxes
for the Xmas decorations and the like, plus a few empty glasses
and mugs. Now it's all neat and tidy with far less clutter.

A friend told me about someone who goes around his house with
a small digital camera around his neck -- taking photos of
everything he did of any importance, so he could see at any time
where he'd put such-and-such ... an alternative to having CCTV
in your house in every room. Could be good for remembering
where you put your car keys down ... if you remember to take a
photo of them.

Now where did I put that shopping list .... .... ?


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