Monday, December 10, 2007

Darwin's Story of Amnesia

No doubt you will have been following the amazing case of
John and Anne Darwin in the media … John who allegedly faked
his own death in a canoeing accident in 2002, and then went
into a police station on 5 December claiming amnesia. I wonder
how the police found out his name, in the first place?

The fact that his story and that of his wife’s has been blown
by the photo of them both smiling in a Panamanian removal
firm’s website, and further revelations / allegations about them
day by day in the press, makes a prison sentence for them both
seem very likely.

The sad victims of all this appear to be their two sons who
were both unaware of what was going on.

If all the press allegations are true, it seems to me that John
Darwin was daft to think that the police would believe his story
… what could he say for example about the fake passport and
identity he’d used allegedly?

Perhaps their dream of a new life together in Panama was not
working out, and he/she/both decided to return to the UK and
start all over again here?

If you’d gone abroad to escape prosecution, would you return
to your home country when there’s a chance you might end up in
prison? I think I would stay abroad incognito. So why on earth
did John Darwin come back? That’s what I’d like to know.

Was he amnesic?

I’ve just done a search about the Darwins in Google … there
are loads of entries about them. One of the entries reads:
“Book Your Canoeing Getaway with John Darwin.”


Blogger angel said...

oh my word!
i had to read the links- i didn't know about it- and this was almost unbelievable dude!

4:01 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Yes, it's an amazing story, Angel.

You can see why the British press have been very interested in reporting this one. Fancy letting themselves being photographed by someone promoting a removals firm.
"Hey, now just give us a wave to all those folks back in the UK!"

10:51 PM  

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