Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I just love making lists

OK, so I like making lists ... well don't you?

Lists of foody and household things to buy that day.
Lists of projects to do
Lists of things to pack for a weekend away / a longer holiday
Lists of Xmas pressies we've bought / people we send /sent
Xmas cards to.
Lists of phone numbers for family, friends, businesses &
the educational charity I work for.
Lists of things to do for the latter written in a spiral-
bound notebook
A play-list of songs that I and my mates play guitar & sing
along to.

I'm so well known for writing lists that a relative suggested
that I keep a list of lists. :)

It's not that I'm obsessional about keeping them, it's because
my short term memory has always been patchy. I forgot on one
occasion to let my sister know that the sleeves on a dress,
that Mrs C had made for her, weren't sewn on properly ... the
said sleeves started to come adrift on our wedding day during
the ceremony. Oh dear! :)

It's funny how I have a perfect memory of a lot of the disasters
that happened to me and to others -- all the negative stuff.

I was prompted to write a short post on this theme, after reading
the home page on Blogger. Sasha Cagen has a blog devoted to the
subject -- she points out how revealing peoples' lists can be
about their personal lives, and how marvellous the feeling is
when you/we cross something off the list ... something we've
done or achieved.

One of the ways of motivating yourself to getting things done, is
to create a list of things to do, and then crossing them off when
the tasks are completed ... even if they're simple things like
popping out to buy some milk & bread, or phoning a friend. It's
a well known way of lifting your mood and beating depression.
The sense of achievement is amazing, especially for introverts
like myself. Or to paraphrase that, in case any counsellors are
reading this ... I have to "own this feeling"... I feel great!

Now, where's that list? I'm going out shopping now.


Blogger angel said...

i do lists for everything too! shopping, christmas gifts & cards, what to pack for when, budgeting...

8:34 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel ... I sometimes wonder how much I'd get done / remember if I didn't have a list.
Mrs C added a couple of things to my holiday packing list
recently ...a teddy bear & a Swiss Army pocket knife ... I think "and the kitchen sink" would have been appropriate too.

6:46 AM  

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