Monday, November 26, 2007

Are you Mr or Mrs Average?

Mrs C and I watched an interesting documentary on TV a few days
ago .. it was all about looking for the average bloke in the
UK ... finding out from government statistics what was the exact
average for a UK resident and then searching for someone who
fitted those figures the most closely.
And the TV researcher found him ... Mark Williamson, a 42 year old
living with his wife and two children in a 3 bedroomed semi in
Swindon.. his wife nominated him after reading a TV advert, and he
turned out to be a very likeable and happy man.
He said he'd had a lot of sadness in earlier life .. his first wife
died of breast cancer in her early thirties, and his parents had
died fairly young too. However he had an optimistic outlook on life,
and was now blessed with a loving family.
He was happy to be Mr Average.

So I ask myself, am I anyway near Mr Average? And the simple
answer is I'm not.

To look at the Government statistics ...

Bloke age 40 ... no, I'm 60
Married .. yes
Has two children ... no, I've got 4
Lives in a 3 bedroomed semi ... well, our's is an end-terrace.
Drives a Ford Fiesta ... quite close, I drive an old Peugeot 306
Has size 10 feet ...nope, size 9
Weighs 13 stone ... no, I'm underweight at 9 and a half stones (61kg)
Height 5ft 9 and a half ins... I'm one inch taller.
Considers himself working class ... no, I'm middle class.
Has sex eight times a month ... lucky bloke, is all I can say.
Believes in God ... I'm agnostic
Can cook at least four meals, including spaghetti Bolognese ...
... I've become an excellent cook, though Mrs C would like me to
try more recipes for greater variety. We don't eat meat.

Has at least one Harry Potter novel in his house ... one of our
daughters has reclaimed her copy. So we're now Harry
Potterless. I've read the first Harry Potter book to see if
I could write something similar. I thought it was good, but
I didn't feel inspired to read any more (or write something
similar). I'm still waiting for a "JK Rowling" moment, when
I hit upon a brilliant new character and plot for a children's
novel. Mrs C says I'm not working hard enough on that idea.
Well, I've got too many other interests/distractions, like
writing this blog.

Is £3000 in debt ... well when I was 40, I had a huge mortgage
on our house, but now I'm debt free.

Am I happy? ... yes, I am ... I feel very privileged to have what
I've got, and to be in good health.


Blogger angel said...

me not average neither... i think thats cool!!!

8:35 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel ... I think you're definitely well above average. :)

6:50 AM  

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