Monday, October 01, 2007

"What does he do all day?"

What did I do today?
I spent some time emailing various friends, family and U3A
members and phoned one or two of them. Our daughter Beck
phoned me in the morning asking if we'd babysit for 2 whole
days (and one night) while she attends a course up North
in Cumbria. She's going back to work as an environmental
health officer, on a part-time job-share basis, until Ava
is old enough to go to school. So we'll be looking after the
little one in about 2 weeks' time ... it will feel as though
we're young parents again.
Later I went to Gedling Refuse Tip with a mountain of old
wood and chipboard ... most of which used to be a wardrobe
that was in our downstairs cloakroom, and which Mrs C
demolished. I was hoping to do something with all this wood,
for instance, build some internal shelving within a bedroom
wardrobe -- but I lost interest in that idea some time ago.
So now the garage is looking a lot more spacious.
Next on my list of things to do was to take this laptop (Mrs C's
really, but I use it more now!), in for repair. The wireless
switch wasn't working on it -- stopped working a couple of days
ago, which was very frustrating. However our genius of a repair
man fixed it within a few minutes ... somehow the wireless
system had been disabled in the Windows-Internet set-up ... the
guy found the relevant device manager, and ticked the box to
re-activate it. Brilliant.
Mrs C and I spent the next 1-2 hours catching up on emails, etc..
I pottered around in the afternoon, after all that, and made us
a delicious pizza and a salad to go with it, which we ate with
a glass of lovely red wine - an Australian Cabernet-Shiraz
(Langhorne Creek of the best I've tasted).

We spent the evening watching TV. The crime drama, Murphy's Law,
starring James Nesbitt, is back on our screens again. I found it
difficult to work out was going on initially, but it got more
interesting with time. Murphy is an undercover cop, who works a
bit like Dirty Harry.
We finished off watching the first one of Bruce Willis' Die Hard films,
the one with the bad guy played by Alan Rickman, who's one of my
favourite actors. He's often cast as a really evil but likeable
rogue, for instance, as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin
Hood, Prince of Thieves.

Also watched the second episode of Kath & Kim, which was very funny
as usual. I spent the past hour -- putting this post together, and
looking at a couple of blogs on my blogroll. C'est tout, folks.


Blogger angel said...

yay for getting the laptop up and running again... gotta love catching up on emails!
die hard and bruce willis... marvellous!

7:02 PM  
Blogger angel said...

nice justin, i like your training site. here's another link you might like to look at...
Blogging Basics

8:14 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Many thanks, Angel.
I've just had a look at BB101,
and it's brilliant. I'll put it
up onto the blogsite.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Max said...

I agree, Justin. Murphy's Law was hard going. A bit too cardboard cut-out, you know what I mean? They should show more imagination when it comes down to the underworld, the finer details. Take The Sopranos and The Power of the Dog as prime examples. Basically they kill people. But look at the layers; the people involved and they're own inner devils; the circles they mingle in.

You can't have James Nesbitt et al rushing abaht in da dark, effin' 'n' blinding - it's diabolical.

Know what I mean?

Is Alan Rickman playing Alan Rickman? Is it me or has he got anguish down to a T? Did you know he nearly took the Hugh Grant part in Four Weddings and a Funeral?

You're going to ask me why, aincha?

I can't remember.

I saw it on one of those Monday shows called Movie Connections.

Finally, old chum, old buddy, old pal. Keep watching K&K because the duo from Li'l Britain (or maybe just Matt Lucas) are gonna make an appearance, just as they did in Neighbours. Maybe they have already. I don't watch the show, meself.

Your blogs are out of this world, m8, keep them up.

Max signing off.

9:11 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Max... thanks for dropping in. I always like to hear from you. I haven't yet seen the Sopranos & the Power of the Dog, but I agree with you that the characterisation of the bad guys is usually two-dimensional, with no shades of grey/grey or no redeeming features.
The baddies played by Alan Rickman.. are they cardboardy? I think his superb quality of acting makes up for that.

Thanks for your kind thoughts about my blogging -- helps keep me motivated to carry on.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Max said...

No worries, m8. You keep me motivated too. :o) (Is that the sound of fellow bloggers being sick into buckets?)

You're spot on about Mr Rickman. He may be playing Alan Rickman, but he gives his characters a believability. Perhaps he's a stanislavskian actor...if stanislavskian is a word?

Write me back, buddy.


9:36 PM  

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