Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some autumnal views for you

I took all these shots about 10 days ago, before most of the leaves
fell off the trees, early one sunny morning. If you compare the top
photo with my banner one ... you may spot a couple of (large)
differences. It's a view looking from a hillside near to where we
live, looking south across Nottingham city ...an idea I got from
seeing the view of Paris in Petite Anglaise's site. The view of
Paris is more inspirational, I think... and more romantic.

The last photo is of the leaves of what might be a type of maple
tree (or possibly an oak). I've had a look at a few online tree
identification sites, but have been unable to name the tree. If you
recognise it, please would you let me know?

I'm going up North for a booze-up with my Yorkshire cousins tomorrow
night. I've booked a room for the night at the pub, as I will be well
over the drink-drive (alcohol) limit.

Talk to you soon. :)


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