Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last few pics of Goose Fair

This week: mainly doing Photoshop/website stuff, which I've mentioned
on numerous occasions already, so I won't bore you with that.
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of looking after Little Ava all day,
while her parents were out at work. I took a few more photos of her
standing by our patio doors ... I'll post a very colourful one of her
very soon. We both felt exhausted by 6pm with keeping her entertained
for so long .... how did Mrs C manage with 4 little girls and
everything else ... shopping, cooking, cleaning up, etc, etc??

I occasionally hear about blokes of my age starting a new family with
a much younger woman ... where do they get the energy from, or are
they drinking tea/coffee all day long, to keep going in the day, and
in the bed at night?

Today, I've been playing electric guitar with a couple of mates and
singing some of the songs of yesteryear, followed by a pub lunch.
The songs are mainly from the 60s onwards ... some Bob Dylan and
Beatles numbers, and lots more stuff from that era. The words:
"Last of the Summer Wine" spring to my mind.

In complete contrast, Mrs C and I like a wide range of classical
music, and on Tuesday night we went out to see The Atrium String
play music by Borodin, Brahms and Tchaikovsky ... a fabulous
performance by some of the finest string players I've ever heard.

It's way past midnight, so I must get off to bed now.


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