Monday, October 08, 2007

Goose Fair and other events

A few more pics for you from our trip to Nottingham's Goose Fair
last week....

The fair was almost packed up when we went by the Forest site
yesterday afternoon. We'd been out on a ramble in the countryside
near Strelley and Cossall villages. The latter has an association
with the writer DH Lawrence, who was briefly engaged to be married
to Louie Burrows, a carpenter's daughter (in 1910). We thought it
was strange to be walking on the same footpaths/country lanes that
he and Louie would have walked along also. I took a photo of her
house, which I'll post in due course.

I don't know why I sat through a whole hour of the "X Factor" on
Sunday evening. I spent most of time crying when the contestants
were crying about whether or not they'd got through to the next
round (and breaking the news to their families), with emotionally
charged background music too. A whole hour devoted to the results
of the last round, and what each contestant was feeling about it
all ... their future musical careers depending on getting through
to the next round. Would they make it or not?
What a performance. :)

It was Ava's first birthday party on Saturday, to which Mrs C and
I were invited. Most of her dad's family were there including an
older cousin of hers, so we had a good time watching Ava opening
her pressies and cards (with some help), and Ava playing with her
cousin. Beck had made two small cakes for the event, and put a
small lit candle on top of the chocolate one. We all sang "Happy
Birthday" to her (and then one of her aunties blew out the candle).
Very nice cake, especially the chocolate one which had a thin layer
of chocolate icing on and some Smarties too....mmmm ... mmm.

Today, I've been tinkering with websites, and my Photoshop talk
for tomorrow ... showing folk the basics of touching up new & old
photos with the clone stamp tool, putting text onto a photo, and
using the Pen tool, Magic Wand & the Gradient tools, plus adding
special effects like Gaussian Blur, Noise and Diffuse Glow. All
amazing stuff to be able to use, when you think about it.

Roast potatoes, sweet potatoes and mountains of other veg, with
cottage cheese & home-made houmous for our evening meal ...
followed by a small glass of a dry white Chilean wine, Zarcillo,
which the bottle says is an aromatic Riesling. A bit too dry for
me, but Mrs C loves it.


Blogger Max said...

That's not you on the bumper cars is it?

Roast taters, sweet taters and humous. And some plonk too. Hmmm. You lucky devil, you.

You use as well, Justin? I use it for the Metro clockword. Do you get the free city paper called The Metro? I know it comes out in Lahndan and Manchester. Not sure about Nottingham though.

9:20 PM  
Blogger angel said...

oh how sweet- i just love the kidlet's first birthday parties... they're still so sweet and aren't yet asking the guests where their pressies are!
happily birfdaze li'l ava!

7:34 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Max: that could have been me on the dodgems ... about as fast a ride as I'd like to go. I do quite a lot of home-cooking, but I reckon if I were cooking just for one, I'd just be eating simpler stuff like
beans/cheese/sardines/eggs on toast.
We get the Metro newspaper here on public transport and in some coffee shops too. I rarely read it, however (usually if we're going on a long journey on the London Tube, to see our daughter in S. Wimbledon).
Angel: thanks for your good wishes re Ava's birthday. I'll post a colourful photo of her soon, which I took yesterday.

10:56 PM  

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