Saturday, September 29, 2007

IT matters and DIY jobs.

I've spent the last few hours on the computer as usual,
updating my Flickr accounts mainly... so you'll see
some more photos on this one, which I use for this blog
... especially for you. :)
I'm very pleased with the improvements that Flickr has
made to its basic uploading process ... it's now a doddle
to use, so much so that I may pay for the Pro version
and use it a lot more.
I usually shrink my pics down to around 100kb for use on
Flickr, and I notice that we can now upload up to 100MB
each month ... that would be 1000 pics for me. I'm currently
taking over 2000 pics each year -- I know it's far too many,
but I throw out loads that are crap. I ought to improve my
knowledge of how to use my camera (a Canon 350DSLR), so I
can take better quality pics (and fewer pics overall).
It's so easy to keep "snapping away" when the little ones
are around ... and they're not camera shy (as I used to be
as a kid).

I've more or less finished a blog on how to blog (to show
my IT group at my local U3A). I've also done a Powerpoint
presentation of the same thing, but with loads more
graphics (screenprints) in it ... so the blog looks less
interesting, and less colourful. Also I've had to learn
how to use the New Blogger, which is quite different to
the classic one I'm using at the mo. Overall I think the
New Blogger is a big improvement ... for example it's
much easier to move the page elements around (by drag and
drop, as some of you will have found). However I can't see
how to set up the links to my favourite blogsites, that
would incorporate all the photos that I've got on my current
site... I would have to have advance web design skills,
which I haven't got.

If you have any ideas on how I could improve what I've
written in the above blog (or if you spot some errors), I'd
be very pleased to hear from you.

Today, I'll be pottering around the house, I'll read the
Saturday Times (and catch up on last Saturday's!), and
will pop out for a walk with Mrs C later I think. There are
a host of DIY things I could be doing -- getting rid of a
lot of the spare wood in our garage (old doors & parts of
an old wardrobe, and some old wooden stepladders which are
not safe to use). I've put up on Nottm Realcycle an old TV
set which still works (but which only gets 4 terrestrial
TV channels, plus a padded stool (dumped on us by one of
our daughters while she was moving house recently) ... so
more stuff to get rid of. There are several house painting
jobs to be done, and the car is developing bad rust spots,
which need attention. We need to buy a couple of child
safety gates very soon too, and fence off parts of our
garden too (for the kiddies' safety).

I think I may have told you this little joke before ....
DIY should be called DYI ... "Do Yourself In".


Blogger angel said...

so did you get all the diy chores done? i'm off to check out your instructional blog.

7:11 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel,
Well, not a lot done so far.
I've got rid of all the wood that was cluttering the garage (including the broken wooden stepladders, which I used back in 1967 to help paint some rooms in my parents' house)... and someone from Freecycle is collecting our padded stool. Lots of painting yet to do ... think we'll get a pro in to do it all.

2:09 PM  

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