Monday, September 24, 2007

A busy week

I’ve been busy in the last week or so with more work on a
website I’m putting together for two of our daughters. I
bought some proper web-hosting from Heart Internet (£46 a
year) for their starter pro package, which should be OK
for me. If any of you particularly wish to see this
website, please email me. It’s not quite finished yet --
- I’ve got to get some more music files up on the site.

I’ve also been putting together a Powerpoint presentation
all about blogging, which I’ll be giving to my U3A Computer
Club in about 10 days’ time … I’ve very nearly finished that.
I’ve set up a new site on Blogger for demo purposes. I’m
very impressed with the improvements that the Google/Blogger
team have made in the last year or so – it’s much much
better than when I first started out. I reckon the basic
Blogger design (Minima) looks very like some of the
Wordpress sites I see – they tend to have a “corporate”
look about them. And the great thing about a design like
Minima is that you can tweak it as much as you like.

The house has been remarkably quiet since Luce and India left
us to return to their home in London about 10 days ago. We
live in an end-terraced house, which was built in the early
80’s, and our neighbours went off to Spain on a week’s
holiday yesterday, so it’s been even quieter. Not that we
hear much noise from them – an occasional noise of a kitchen
cupboard door being closed, or someone walking downstairs (if
we’re on the stairs ourselves).

Today we babysat with our granddaughter Ava (aka Shibby)
who’s a delight to be with. She’s just at that stage where
she can stand for 5-10 seconds unsupported, when she’s
unaware that she’s doing so, I think. She’ll soon be
toddling around. Her first birthday will be in just over
a week’s time.

Yesterday, Mrs C and I went to see Atonement, the WW2 drama,
which had some surprising/shocking developments in the plot.
It's a brilliant production, and I can recommend it to you,
if you haven't seen it. The only thing I found irritating at
times was the music being played through much of the film.
However this wouldn't stop me seeing the film again in a few
years' time. We've videoed the second episode of a new series
of Kath & Kim, tonight -- looking forward to seeing that later
in the week. "Look at moyee, Kim! Look at moyee!"

I’m starting up another series of talks on Photoshop tomorrow.
So I must sign off now, and read through my presentation again.
Talk to you soon.


Blogger angel said...

aaaaaaawww lookit the little kidlets! they're getting so big and they're so cute!
you've been busy- and i must say i also am very impressed with bloggers changes, i'm ever so glad i stuck it out through the blogger beta transition!

9:08 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Angel--yes, the kiddies are gorgeous and delightful to be with.
And Blogger is great too ... it's amazing to think that we're able to carry on blogging like this, totally free of charge.

3:22 PM  

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