Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Robin Hood's Way

Yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday), Mrs C and I went a country walk
with Mrs C’s mum, Jean. I drove the car to Papplewick Hall,
which is privately owned and which is on the southern edge of the
Newstead Abbey estate, but about 8-10 miles north of Nottingham.
Jean was planning to catch a bus there, but we decided to give
her a lift in our car and have a walk and picnic together with her.
The walk we chose was along Robin Hood’s Way, a very well
maintained footpath which took us from the Hall, through farmland
and on through the woods alongside Newstead Abbey.

The weather was ideal for walking, a mixture of sunshine and cloud,
warm but with a cool breeze at times. We cut across the main
roadway to the Abbey and carried on our woodland walk uphill until
we came to open fields backing on to Ravenshead, where we found a
good wooden bench to sit on for our picnic. I've posted a few
photos I took on the way, including one of Newstead Abbey, which
you might see in the distance on one of the photos.

Surprisingly there weren’t many cars on the road that day – perhaps
most folk had either gone abroad or gone to the seaside.

Mrs C’s mum is remarkable fit for someone in her late 80s. She does
a lot of walking, and even walks a mile or so into the City Centre
(up and down a fairly steep hill) rather than use her bus pass and
take a free bus ride. I remember catching the bus home myself one
day, when I was taking home a heavy load of food shopping, and en
route, I saw her walking up the same hill pulling a heavy shopping
trolley behind her. What a woman!


Blogger angel said...

wow... what a spectacular outing!

10:18 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Yes, it was a lovely country walk, or should I say a stroll, as the countryside was fairly flat. And it's not far from us -- about 15 minutes in the car, so we must go there more often.

6:17 AM  

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