Sunday, August 12, 2007

One success followed by disaster

I've had a minor success this evening, having just "won" an item on
eBay ... a Chris Barber CD, which we spotted had a piece called
Hiawatha Rag on it, which we wanted to hear again. The music is a
very cheerful ragtime number, and it was one of Andrew Davies'
choices on Desert Island Discs a couple of days ago.

The bidding for the CD got fairly intense an hour or so ago, and I
ended up paying a few more pounds than my first bid of £3.20 which
I put in this afternoon. In fact I managed to squeeze in my last bid
43 seconds before the auction ended. Someone else managed to bid
again, but not high enough to beat my maximum bid ... nail-biting
stuff (as if).

I spent the next hour or so sorting out payment for the CD, and doing
other bits and bobs (putting screen prints of my eBay transaction onto
a Powerpoint presentation that I'm giving, about internet shopping)
... so perhaps you can see how I completely forgot to video one of
Mrs C's favourite TV programmes (called Medium) this evening....
my mind was on other things. Oh dear, I'll be getting a piece of Mrs C's
mind tomorrow morning, despite my apologising for my mistake... and I'll
be in her bad books for most of the day.

There was a funny post by Zoe yesterday, on the subject of "a piece
of my mind".


Blogger angel said...

i love medium too, the first series has just ended here.

8:04 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel: I'm not a fan of "Medium", as I'm not keen on seeing crime drama of a psychic nature -- it doesn't turn me on. Mrs C likes the way the main character's family life is portrayed ... but there again, this lacked the "Wow" factor for me.

8:59 PM  
Blogger angel said...

i also like how her home life is portrayed, how her poor hubby and kids suffer yet love her to death! and how she's more tortured than "holier than thou" about her dreams...

8:50 PM  

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