Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Family News

My little sister is 50 years old today. Unfortunately, she’s not keen
on celebrating any birthday, so today will probably be a quiet affair,
spent with her family.
Our daughter Luce and little Mini is here with us this week, so I’m
busier than usual with chit-chat, cooking, shopping and cleaning up.
Her partner Jeff is joining us later in the week.
Mrs C and I did some baby-sitting our our niece and her partner
yesterday, while they went off to do something nice together.
Our daughter Soph and a guitarist friend are coming to stay with us
tomorrow – they’re giving a guitar concert this Friday evening in
Nottingham, and at the weekend we’ll take them to see some local
attractions: the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, and possibly Byron’s
home at Newstead Abbey. (Why an old tree should be a popular
attraction, I don’t know — perhaps it’s something to do with Robin Hood.
I think Newstead is far more interesting).
Our daughter Beck, is coming over (with little Ava) today, for more
talk about bringing up babies.
Our eldest daughter, Em (the harpist), came over with more bagfuls of
books for us to store temporarily – she’s in the process of moving
house (moving in together with her new bloke, Mike). She does some
part-time gardening and keeps her lawnmower here, so we see her every
week at present.
I’ve been busy tinkering with a new website that I’m building for my two
musician daughters. I’m not far off finishing it. I’ll be acting as an
unpaid agent for them (and a couple of Soph’s friends), to give them all
a helping hand.
Postscript: here is a photo of the two mums with their daughters, Ava
and India, taken today ...


Blogger angel said...

you know- i coulda sworn i commented on this post last week- that is SUCH a cute picture!

8:48 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Angel. It is ...or was.. as I can't see it on my screen today... it's disappeared into the blogosphere.

7:07 AM  

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