Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ages of Man

Here's a recycled joke for you, that our Uncle Frank
heard on a Saga cruise recently. The four ages of man
are: "Lager, Aga, Saga and then Ga-Ga"

Well I've made my own lager (and have drunk quite a bit
of it over the years). I prefer drinking bitter, however.
Yes, we've owned an Aga too (two houses ago).
Not joined Saga yet, and only slightly ga-ga.
So I'm still middle-aged, it seems.
Someone will have to let me know when I'm ga-ga.

Oh, I've just remembered, I had my mid-life crisis bang
on time, at 40 (nearly 20 years ago), followed by several
years of "finding myself" with the help of Mrs C, a good
friend and a TA therapist, all of whom were brilliant.


Blogger riviera writer said...

Don't know if I'm in the ga-ga category yet - but my wife is already convinced of it - as her latest post (Writers Moll) confirms. To further strengthen her case for my ga-ga status, I gave her a copy of Eric Berne - and now she has two! Tried Saga but didn't like it, never had an Aga - and still await patiently the MLC. Or did it go by without my noticing?

5:28 PM  
Blogger angel said...

hhmmm... i think maybe i switched them around, have yet to own an "aga" and already have a few of south africa's versions of "saga"... teehee!

8:42 PM  
Blogger justin said...

RW: what do you mean by "MLC"
Angel: what versions of SAGA have you got/tried?

7:14 AM  

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