Monday, July 16, 2007


Our second daughter and little India set off for home (in
London) yesterday morning in the pouring rain ... after a
week's stay with us. The house felt considerably emptier
afterwards, despite having our cats in the house for company
... they were sheltering from the rain.

In the afternoon, we set off to the smallest cinema in
Nottingham, the Screen Room.... walking in with one brolly
... the rain became torrential as we got nearer to the
city centre, so we sat down in the cinema in soaking wet
clothes ... lovely. I was rivetted to my seat watching the
French thriller/mystery called "Tell No-One" ... I give it
five stars - a brilliant film to go and see if you like
thrillers. Here's the link to the IMDB site ... you'll see
an in-depth review of the film if you scroll down the page.

And then in the evening we were out again, and walked up the
hill to Mapperley to do some baby-sitting for our niece. We
spent most of the time watching a DVD and then some TV (an
American drama called "Medium", which Mrs C likes to watch.
I tend to snooze through stuff that doesn't grab my
attention ... so 40 minutes went by very quickly.

On Saturday, Mrs C and I were down in Leicestershire for a
ruby wedding anniversary for Mrs C's uncle and auntie.
Uncle Frank is now in his mid 80s, so if you do the maths,
you'll work out that he married fairly late in life....
Mrs C and I are coming up to our 35th! We had lovely hot
sunshine that day interspersed with cooler cloudy weather,
which was ideal. The restaurant "The Grey Lady" where we all
met up was in beautiful countryside, next to Bradgate Park
... a lovely place for walkers to go. We went a walk there
some 15-20 years ago, which we must repeat again sometime.

Lady Jane Grey was an uncrowned Queen of England for nine
days in 1554, but ended up having her head chopped off at
the age of 16, at the Tower of London ... poor woman.
I've found another history article about her, which is
easier to read than the Wikipedia one.


Anonymous chitty said...

Two movies in one day? What a treat, even if you slept through most of the the second one.
35y together is indeed a milestone! These days, most people count themselves lucky if they make it through the first 5.

9:49 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Chitty. Yes, 35 years is a milestone ... though for some, marriage can be a millstone. :)

6:43 AM  

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