Monday, July 02, 2007

TV drama with cake

Mrs C and I have been avidly watching two TV dramas, both of which
have just ended: "Jekyll" starring James Nesbitt in the lead role
Jekyll & Hyde ... the plot was too OTT at times for me, but I
enjoyed watching it -- excellent acting from JN and the supporting

Too OTT like "Dr Who" ... we missed the last episode of the current
series, which was billed as being very exciting (with DW billed to
get himself and the whole world out of a tremendous mess, and to turn
the tables on The Master). I did watch one or two episodes, where I
was impressed by the special effects, but the whole thing has lost
its magic/horror for me ... for me, it's about as frightening as
watching "Blue Peter".

The other series we liked was on ITV: "Talk To Me", which centred on
the entangled lives of two couples and one bloke, who was a radio DJ
who presented a late-night radio chat show all about relationship
problems. Excellent acting all round and a brilliant production.

Oh, what about the cake? Well, Mrs C made a Black Forest gateau,
based on a fatless chocolate sponge recipe she found on the internet.
The sponge may have been low calorie, but the whipped double cream
filling and topping, and the toasted flaked almonds certainly weren't.
Mrs C adapted one of James Martin's recipes, that was on the BBC site.


Blogger angel said...

oh my goodness that looks divine!!!

9:17 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Yes, it was, Angel... and being a fatless sponge, it had a lovely light texture.... a fatless sponge with lots of cream ... there's a contradiction there, somewhere.

6:25 PM  

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