Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There's a hole in my pants

A large hole has appeared in my favourite pair of trousers,
which are a light olive green pair of chinos.

I was aware of a tiny hole that had appeared from nowhere,
at the back and top of my left leg ... it had a curious
fairly bright orange ring around the edge of it, as if I'd
sat down on a rusty nail.

Anyway I was aware of this and was half-listening to Mrs C
commenting on the hole (while I was doing stuff on this laptop),
so I didn't really take in what she was saying at the time.
Later in the day, she brought up the topic of the hole again
in conversation. Whereupon it dawned on me that she was talking
about a much larger hole.

I took off my trousers and was horrified to see 2 large holes
with frayed fabric in between, just where the trouser leg joins
the bum part (I wonder what the clothes designers call the seat
of your pants?). Earlier in the day, I'd been round town for
some food shopping -- I must have been an unusual sight for
people (if the tears had occurred earlier) ... you could have
seen my underpants and some bare leg through the holes.

I did wear the trousers for a short time after my discovery,
(but have since thrown them out), and I did experience an odd
draught of wind (fresh air) in my nether regions.

We went into town at lunchtime today and had a very nice meal
at Wagamama's (BTW--the men's loo is one of the best in Nottm.),
after which I bought two pairs of Chinos from John Lewis --
both of which met with Mrs C's approval. She was pleasantly
surprised, as she thinks my usual daily choice of clothing is
old-fashioned and unflattering ... and she's right as usual.

I'm adding a couple of my photos for you ... the first one is
of our flower/shrub border in our garden taken in the morning
light .... I'm very pleased with the lighting in this photo...
though the Blogger version is nowhere as good as the original.
The second one is of our middle two girls with their
daughters ... a sisters and cousins' meet-up. India is now 6
months and Ava is 9 months (sitting on their aunties' laps).


Blogger angel said...

wow justin- those hydrangeas are exquisite! and the girls are adorable...

2:51 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Angel. I just love looking at the kids' happy faces ... makes me feel great.

5:44 AM  

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