Thursday, June 21, 2007

Terrible jokes and my dad

The worst jokes can sometimes be really funny, don't you
think? I'm not very good at telling jokes ... I often
make a mess of the punchline, or tell it in such a way
that the punchline is terrible ... that's my poor short
term memory for you.

I don't like reading lots of jokes, one after the other ..
I get bored with them, as I do with reading long lists of
pop songs, that you see on some blogsites.

Having said all that, I was "jammin'" with a couple of my
mates, Steve and Barry, the other morning, and Steve told
me this one -- about a bloke who goes into a sandwich shop
and demands a crocodile sandwich -- and then he shouts:
"And make it snappy!"

My dad was an intellectual snob -- he was extremely well
read (he was a university professor, and the house was
full of books of every description). In his retirement,
he spent most of his time reading books and newspapers
(only the quality press, of course), doing the difficult
crosswords, listening to classical music on the radio &
on his hi-fi, and drinking fine wines.

If you can think of the character, Inspector Morse (played
by the actor John Thaw), my dad resembled him a lot, both
in character and in looks -- my dad was less grumpy though.
He loved watching the Inspector Morse TV series, and
reading crime novels too.

Despite the fact that a lot of the time he'd be immersed in
these intellectul pursuits, he could be really funny and
attentive towards our girls, when they were little. He loved
to tell them really feeble jokes -- he used to LOL telling
these two ....

"Where did Julius Caesar keep his armies?"

Answer: "Up his sleevies".

"Whats' the difference between a post box and an elephant?"

"I don't know", one of the girls would say.

"Well, I shan't ask you to post a letter for me, then."

I can still hear him telling these, and all the laughter that


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i'm also bad at jokes- i can never remember them!

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