Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dalziel and Pascoe

Unfortunately I missed the first episode of the TV crime
drama Dalziel & Pascoe on Thursday night. I went to bed
early that evening at about 8pm, telling Mrs C that I was
going to have an hour's kip, but then woke up at midnight,
by which time Mrs C was asleep. After a trip to the loo,
and a brief wander downstairs (when I let one of our cats
out of the sitting room -- accidentally shut in by Mrs C),
I returned to bed and slept another 6 hours -- that's
almost a record for me -- I haven't slept so much since I
was a houseman/intern (after my weekend shifts on duty
when I got little sleep).

So yesterday, Mrs C gave me a 5 minute briefing on what
had happened in the D&P episode I missed. It was a really
bizzare story centred around a bloke who gets his revenge
on an alleged child murderer (AM) by stabbing him with a
long knife. There wasn't sufficient evidence to convict AM
of the murder, who was then set free by the court. Shortly
afterwards, the bloke's wife commits suicide by jumping off
the balcony of their apartment. The bizarre bit of this
story is that Pascoe, who is a very straight-laced character
normally, is a witness to the revenge killing, and takes
pity on the deranged dad and helps him cover up the murder
by disposing of the body ... I was beginning to think that
the scriptwriter had lost the plot.

Anyway, Mrs C and I watched Part Two of this yarn last
night, when it slowly dawns on Dalziel that Pascoe was
involved with covering up AM's murder, especially when
Dalziel sees Pascoe removing a piece of evidence from the
crime scene later. I felt more and more uncomfortable as the
drama progressed, right up to some plain talking at the end
between D and P about P's involvement, all which was left
unresolved. How could a partnership recover from something
like that? How can the drama series continue? Overall, I
thought both the acting and the production were production
were brilliant, though the acting of AM's accomplice wasn't
very good.


Blogger angel said...

i love good tv- wonder if it'l ever air here? i just started watching "desperate housewives" which upt ill now aired on our pay tv channel- and i'm hooked after episode one!

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