Saturday, May 19, 2007

And who's that sitting in my chair?

Why, look, it's Little Goldilocks -- the cheeky girl!

Mrs C and I have been looking after Little A for the last three days,
while her mum has been on a refresher course for her work (all
about the legislation for food quality and hygiene, as she'll be
going back to work part-time in the Autumn). It was lovely to have
Ava with us (8am-5pm), but it was hard work for the two of us,
keeping her entertained, etc.. She's developed the habit of blowing
"raspberries" when eating and drinking, which is funny though messy.

Today ... now what are we up to ... a little shopping in town, moving
a heavy mirror in our hallway on the ground floor (prior to
decorating), and getting up a wall-mouted table-top, making a couple
of pizzas late afternoon, and getting on with a load of probate work
which I've taken on to help out my sister-in-law. And towards bedtime,
no doubt I'll be catching up on all your blogs, my Dear Readers.

Oh, and how could I forget ... it's the Cup Final today ... Chelsea
v Man United, two of the finest teams in the country playing in our
brand new Wembley Stadium. This should be a fabulous event --
probably like the grand opening of The Coliseum in Rome. I'd better
revise my plans for today -- go to shops, buy some crisps, nuts and
lager, put lager in fridge ... 2.50p.m.. get lager out of fridge, get
nibbles, set pizza dough going in breadmaker, sit down on comfy settee
with Mrs C, and enjoy the match for a couple of hours.


Blogger angel said...

oh that is SUCH a cute picture!

10:01 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel: I think "Cutie" should be her middle name.

3:58 PM  

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