Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sweet 'n' sour and coffee beans

I've been busy in the past few days painting the ceiling
in our downstairs hallway, with Sanderson's Boulder White
matt emulsion paint which was nice to put on, but which
has turned out too grey. We'd previously bought tester
pots for the main wall colour, but we didn't think to do
the same for the ceiling.

And apart from a bit of shopping and cooking (plus
watching a little TV), I've been busy rewriting part one
of my Photoshop course (and putting some of it onto
Powerpoint). I start off with the basic photo editing
techniques (cropping, cloning, etc), and over a period of
4 sessions I go on to building fairly difficult
photo-montages. The first session is this coming Friday
morning (for 2 hours).

More dry sunny weather today, with hot sunshine this
afternoon tempered by a cold blustery wind -- a bit
like "sweet and sour" sauce -- a mixture of opposites.

I took some photos indoors yesterday of a pretty yellow
rose which is in full bloom and which is cascading over
our garden fence. It was too breezy to get an outside
photo. I'll have a look at my pics soon, and will post
you one if I find one that's good.

Oh yes, I've just remembered, Mrs C and I went to Beeston
this morning (a suburb just west of Nottingham). Mrs C
bought some wool from a little shop called Yarn -- she's
about to knit a couple of coats for our granddaughters.
I called in at John Kirk's Audio & TV shop (we bought our
Quad hi-fi from JK in 1977, which cost us an arm and a leg)
to ask about linking our Freeview box radio to our Quad amp,
so we can get digital radio out of our brilliant hi-fi
system -- this is do-able, so I'll pursue that idea with
JK, who will make up the right connections for us.

The highlight of the morning trip was to have coffee
together at "The Bean", in the centre of Beeston in the
Sainsbury precinct -- delicious coffee, and well worth the
trip. The beans are a dark roast Arabic type.... mmm ...
mmmm ...MMmmm.


Anonymous edt said...

Looking forward to your photos as ever Justin.

Freeview digital TV and Radio is being launched today here in NZ.Until the new channels are added to the existing small free line-up and the ground based UHF transmission is up and running in early 08 I don't see us getting it as our current analogue aerials & reception are pretty good.

A sunny 20C and humid after drizzle early winters day here.

12:50 am  
Blogger angel said...

k- so where's the rose pic... mwaahahahahaha!?
i'm very jealous of your photoshop course- i'm dying to do one!
so i take it tuesday may 1st was a public holiday everywhere? its workers day in south africa...

4:24 pm  
Blogger justin said...

Edt & Angel: Sorry about the photos, but I've been busy doing other things. I'll have to "get my finger out" -- that's an odd expression -- finger out of where? :)
The Bank Holiday weekend is coming up this weekend instead of 1st May .. and we'll have another one on 26-28th May. I'm lucky to have an all-year round holiday.

5:52 am  

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